Welcome to The Soap Kingdom!

We provide luxury soap favors for any occasion!

The Soap Kingdom soap favors make an inexpensive, excellent quality gift for your guests at almost any occasion.

We have been pleased to supply many soaps for celebration and our soaps make exceptional shower favors, wedding favors, thank you gifts for a birthday or anniversary party and have made a lovely addition to community tea’s, gatherings, and bazaars. Great client or corporate gift ideas.

All our soaps are made to order so we can ensure that our product has color, scent, and packaging that suit your party theme. Soap + Packaging + Tag all included in the price.

Browse our soap favors samples gallery for an idea, we are not limited to this examples and you can talk to us about other options. Click the link to view pictures:



We can make soap with any scent you prefer, and here is a recommendation for wedding favors flavor:


Click on this link and learn about what is our soap made of:


P.S. We are always welcome comments and suggestion, drop us a message we will happy to know you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dear,

    I will be having my wedding reception in April 2021 (i know its still far away but i like to plan ahead). I really love how the soaps are customized for wedding favors and i would love to have yours for my special day.

    We have 1200 guests, so i guess we’ll be ordering 1250 pieces for the wedding favors. Do let me know what are the products you have for us!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Warmest regards,


    1. Thank you for contacting us dear Ria, we would love to make your wedding favours, please check our instagram page: thesoapkingdom2 for updated pictures, and also you can contact us there via DM or whatsapp to us: +60166177078


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