Soap Favours Idea

Are you looking for an exclusive and personalized door gift for your parties?

At The Soap Kingdom, we making custom soap favours for any occasion. The Soap Kingdom provide personalized soaps for event door gift, wedding favours, corporate gifts, personalized gift set, Birthday party soap, baby shower soap, full moon soap, bridal shower soap. Any celebration you name it!

Talk to us we have many options to choose from! You can customise colour and scents according to your preference and packaging to fit your party theme.

The Soap Kingdom is based in Kuala Lumpur Cheras and we ship to other states in Malaysia and to Singapore as well.


2 thoughts on “Soap Favours Idea”

  1. Looking for birthday favors for my mum’s 70th birthday in January 2019. Looking at Lavender scent and color as that’s the birthday theme. Please advice your MOQ and price.


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