How it’s all started… a bit of history about The Soap Kingdom


My name is Marina. I started The Soap Kingdom.

Many people asked me how I started, and why did I choose to make soaps.

Very well, here is the story 🙂

I was working as a graphic designer cum advertising marketer in a software developing company, the company making tailored CRM (customer relation management) systems such as loyalty management, gift card systems, etc. I loved my job but it was very boring to me because in the corporate world everything follows an order, and I couldn’t get as creative as I wanted. The software development was really hard for my art-loving mind 🙂

One day, I went to the Beauty Expo at KL Convention Centre, and I got myself a handmade soap from a Korean exhibitor. I loved it the first time I used it (my skin is very sensitive).

Later I learned that I can actually make the soap by myself! Out of curiosity, I got the soap base, some fragrances, essential oils, herbals and began experimenting. I must say that it is really fun and exciting to make soaps, although I made so so so many mistakes and failures in the beginning (especially with all the herbal ingredients). I really want to share with you all some really beautiful creations from the internet that I followed. I will share more about this with you in my future posts!

So, I kept making soaps for my own use and gave them as a gift to my friends and relatives. Apparently, everyone seems to like what they received. After some time, I ventured into selling individual soap bars online. That was an interesting experience but I had to abandon the idea as it was so troublesome to go to the post office every day.

But it has already started, the information about me ventured into soap making already spread among my friends and relatives…

Back in 2012, I got contacted by a person (from my friend) who found out about me making soaps. She asked if I could make soaps as a door gift for her wedding. I was kinda surprised about it. I wondered why someone would want to give soap as a favour as it was not a popular idea during that period or at least I thought so…

I agreed to do the soap favours as we discussed and proceeded. My first customer was from Kuching. She flew all the way to KL to get them from me! That was really exciting yet I got all sorts of emotions like a fear that she didn’t like what I did as a gift for her happiness. I am also amazed by how someone actually entrusted me with their door gifts for the wedding!

Everything went well, and after her wedding, I got another request from her guest whose wedding was approaching soon. They love the idea of soap favours as door gifts. Coming up, another few guests from the wedding contacted me, and that is how it started rolling…!

A lot of things have changed since then. I learned so much about soap making and communication with my customers. In June 2018, I have completely quit my regular job and fully committed to The Soap Kingdom. The team has grown into 3 people handling it now.

We like the idea of providing our soap favours customised and according to customers preferences, it gives a personal touch to each person who ordered, and on our side, we put our heart and souls in making them 🙂

Warmest Regards,

Marina & Team

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