Soap can keep you safe from Coronavirus

Soap protects you from the virus!
Not only bacteria and dirt. But also from the virus. Often we are not told that many antiseptics will not disinfect hands from viruses. Counting on the fact that “antibacterial” is considered as “anti-virus”. But this is not so.
For example, triclosan is not effective in fighting the virus. And even more so, essential oils in water will not cope with this task.
In addition, not all antiseptics are good enough in this matter. For example, if the content of alcohol (ethanol or isopropanol) in an antiseptic is less than 65%, then it will not cope with the antiviral task. Alcohol dissolves the glycoprotein shells of viruses that have these shells. But not all viruses have them. Those who do not have are not afraid of alcohol.

How does soap work?

Soap washes off the lipid layer from the skin, on which bacteria and viruses settle.

Why do you need to wash your hands for 20 seconds?

Firstly, the surface of the skin is not smooth, but rough. A certain number of movements is necessary for the soap solution to penetrate into various cracks and folds of hands. It is important and clean well under the nails. Especially for girls who wear long manicure.
In addition, it takes seconds for the soap to act on dirt, bacteria and viruses. And then this mixture can be safely washed off under running water.

Soap is the cheapest and most effective antiseptic in the fight against viruses.

If there is no way to wash your hands, then an antiseptic gel with an alcohol content of at least 60%, but as soon as it becomes possible to wash your hands – use the soap!

Soap often saves us from the disease. But we do not notice it. It’s time to say thank you to the soap and teach our children how to wash their hands. Not only because of the coronavirus, but for the prevention of many hundreds of other diseases.

Be healthy!

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