At The Soap Kingdom, we are obsessed with soap! And we are bringing to you our creations as a gift or favour for any occasion, with so many varieties to choose from.

The price depends on the number of orders and the shape (weight) of certain shapes available in a certain weight.

The price includes basic packaging (paper or netting wrap, ribbon and custom tag).

You can change the scent and colour according to your preference.

Check our catalogues for your consideration, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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Gemstone soap favour

Our unique Gemstone Soap is sure to impress, whether it is for your own home or as a gift! Each soap comes in with wrap packaging, complete with a ribbon tying the custom TQ tag.

Give a unique and beautiful, yet practical and useful gift with our one-of-a-kind hand soap bar! A gorgeous display of Soap Gems! Perfect gift for any occasion. Bejewel your party!!!

The gemstone soap is an odd shape and available in 50g, many possibilities of colour combinations, don’t stop your imagination! If it is possible, we will make it. Check our catalogue for inspiration:

Budget door gift favour

Our most budget option is 25g rectangular soap, it’s slightly bigger than a hotel soap, available in 4 different types of packaging, plenty of colour possibilities and scents to choose from. Download our catalogue to learn more, or check our Instagram: thesoapkingdom2 for even more visual inspiration.

Classic bar of soap as a door gift favour

Our long bar soap weight is 70g, it’s a thinner version of the classic bar of soap, like the one cut in half. We also have a special box to fit it nicely. Both soap and the box are available for customization according to your party theme. Check out the catalogue to understand more.

Rustic wedding bestseller

Our 80g short rectangular soap is a top choice for garden & rustic theme weddings. The neat piece looks like a mini cake with floral decorations.

Simple & classic square soap favour

Simple square with decoration pattern on top, to enhance the pattern we use shimmer, but it looks good without it as well! Size 5 cm square 2 cm height, perfect fit to many standard box favours.

Various mix of 40g soap door gifts at affordable prices

Our 40g soap favours are a mix of shapes (heart shape soap, sun shape soap, flower shape soap, honey and bee soap) check our catalogue to learn more.

Square with geode or floral decoration

Our rising star! Trending now due to the simple shape yet highly customizable according to the party theme. The soap is 5 cm square and 2.5 cm in height, it can be in foggy marble or solid colours and decorated with geode or floral toppings. Check our catalogue for inspiration.

Gemstone soap favour 70g

Gemstone soap is a trendy and modern door gift, a unique look, yet practical and useful gift. A lot of colour and scents possibilities. Talk to us, let us bejewel your party!