Gemstone Soap Wedding Favour In Kuala Lumpur



The most important question that arises in couples who are preparing for the wedding, is to give or not to give gifts to their guests, and why do they need gifts? Some newly married, taking into account the number of guests at the wedding and decide to abandon such a beautiful gesture. After all the guests come to share with you one of the most important moments in your life, and to thank them for, surely worth it!

Gift favours don’t have to be expensive. Their main goal is to help you express gratitude to the relatives and friends and be a nice souvenir, reminiscent of that day. Whatever the gift is, the most valuable in it are the words: “Thank you for where you are with us!” Printed on the label or handwritten. The main thing is your attention to your guests.


What to give to the guests? The classic option is a gift box with sweets. You can fill it with any sweets to your taste: marmalade, biscuits or chocolate.

If your guests are not big fans of sweets, then as a gift, you can choose, for example, a CD with your favourite music, scarf, candles, handmade soap or soap bubbles.


To choose the gift favour you can follow your wedding style. For example, at the ceremony in a marine style will be appropriate gifts is bath salt, handmade soap with ocean fragrance, or soap in shape of sea creature, small models of ships or marine compass with your initials and wedding date.

If your wedding is a garden-themed you can give succulent plants in tiny pots, or nice rustic style soaps in lavender or jasmine fragrance.

The council is one: choose a gift along with wedding styles and do not be afraid to be original – the guests will appreciate it for sure!


Also, when choosing the gift favours you can focus on the time of year when your wedding will take place. For example on a hot summer day, a good gift would be a fan, a pot of seedlings or green boxes with seasonal fruit, refreshing lip balm or mint soap.

In late summer and autumn wedding, guests will appreciate a jar of honey, jam or maple syrup.

The main thing is your imagination and desire to please guests!

In addition, you must decide when to surprise the guests. You can do this at any time you see fit for you:

You can ask the waiters to place the gift favours next to the guest sitting place at a time when all move from the table, for example, to dance.

You can give the gift when a guest is ready to go home.

Simply place gift favours into a large basket or bag, and allow your guests themselves to pick up their surprise.

When receiving gifts from the guests themselves.

Give wedding favours at the entrance of the place where the banquet will be held.


At The Soap Kingdom, we focus on producing soap favours for any occasions. You can customize the color and scent of the soaps, as well as choose packaging options according to your party theme. We also can make lip balms and bath salt. These are the nice gift as it is or all together in a small hamper.

Browse our Instagram: thesoapkingdom2 for more ideas. We also open to suggestions.

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